ZHAN BU (卜湛)
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Associate Professor
College of Information Engineering
Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
No. 3 Wenyuan Road, Xianlin University Town, Nanjing, Jiangsu,  210023, P.R. China

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Zhan Bu received his Ph.D. from the College of Computer Science and Technology at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, P. R. China in March 2014. He is now the dean of the Department of Software Engineering, at the College of Information Engineering, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. His research interests include Social Computing, Data Mining, Complex Network, Game Theory, et al. He has published over 30 high-quality papers in the related  research  fields.

Work Experience

Associate Professor, College of Information Engineering,  Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. (09/2016--present)
Lecturer, College of Information Engineering,  Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. (03/2014--09/2016)
Visiting Scholar, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham. (09/2012--09/2013)

Research Areas

  Social Computing, Data Mining, Complex Network, Game Theory

ACM member: 2016--present
  China Computer Federation (CCF) member: 2014--present


Selected Journal Paper:
  Ju Xiang, Hui-Jia Li,
Zhan Bu, Zhen Wang, Mei-Hua Bao, Liang Tang, Jian-Ming Li.
Critical analysis of (Quasi-)Surprise for community detection in complex networks
  Scientific Reports, 8, Article number: 14459, 2018. (IF= 5.47). Article Download.

  Jiuchuang Jiang, Bo An, Yichuan Jiang, Donghui Lin,
Zhan Bu, Jie Cao.
Understanding Crowdsourcing Systems from a Multiagent Perspective and Approach: State of the Art and Future Research Directions
  ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, 13(2), Article 8, 2018. (IF= 1.216). Article Download.

  Hui-Jia Li ,
Zhan Bu, Yulong Li, Zhongyuan Zhang, Yanchang Chu, Guijun Li, Jie Cao.
Eovlving the attribute flow for dynamical clustering in signed networks
  Chaos, Solition and Fractals,
110, 20-27, 2018. (IF= 2.415). Article Download.
  Hui-Jia Li ,
Zhan Bu*, Zhen Wang , Jie Cao, Yong Shi.
Enhance the Performance of Network Computatin by a Tunbalbe Weighting Strategy
  IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence,
2(3), 214-223, 2018. Article Download.
  Zhan Bu*
, Hui-Jia Li, Jie Cao, Zhen Wang, Guangliang Gao.
Dynamic Cluster Formation Game for Attributed Graph Clustering
  IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, DOI: 10.1109/TCYB.2017.2772880, 2017. (IF= 8.803).  Article Download.

  Guangliang Gao, Jie Cao,
Zhan Bu*, Hui-Jia Li, Zhiang Wu.
A generalized game theoretic framework for mining communities in complex networks
  Expert Systems With Applications, 96, 450-461, 2017. (IF=3.768).  Article Download.

Zhan Bu, Jie Cao, Hui-Jia Li, Guangliang Gao, Haicheng Tao.
  GLEAM: a graph clustering framework based on potential game optimization for large-scale social networks.
  Knowledge and Information Systems, 55(3), 741-770, 2018.  (IF=2.247).  Article and Tool Download.

Zhan Bu, Guangliang Gao, Hui-Jia Li, Jie Cao.
  CAMAS: A Cluster-Aware Multiagent System for Attributed Graph Clustering.
  Information Fusion, 37, 10-21, 2017.  (IF=6.639). Article and Tool Download.

  Lu Zhang, Zhiang Wu,
Zhan Bu, Ye Jiang, Jie Cao.
  A Pattern-Based Topic Detection and Analysis System on Chinese Tweets.
  Journal of Computational Science, 2017.  (IF=1.925). Article Download.

  Haicheng Tao, Youquan Wang,
Zhan Bu, Jie Cao.
  Discovering Overlapping Communities by Clustering Local Link Structures.
  Chinese Journal of Electronics, 26(2), 430-434, 2017.  (IF=0.605). Article Download.

  Jie Cao,
Zhan Bu*, Guangliang Gao, Haicheng Tao.
  Weighted modularity optimization for crisp and fuzzy community detection in large-scale networks.
  Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 462, 386-395, 2016.  (IF= 2.132). Article Download.

  Hui-Jia Li,
Zhan Bu, Aihua Li, Zhidong Liu, Yong Shi.
  Fast and accurate mining the community structure: integrating center locating and membership optimization.

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 28(9), 2349-2362, 2016.  (IF= 2.775). Article Download.

Zhan Bu*, Hui-Jia Li, Jie Cao, Zhiang Wu, Lu Zhang.
  Game theory based emotional evolution analysis for chinese online reviews.
  Knowledge-Based Systems, 103, 60-72, 2016.  (IF=  4.396). Article Download.

Zhan Bu, Zhiang Wu, Jie Cao, Yichuan Jiang.
  Local community mining on distributed and dynamic networks from a multiagent perspective.
  IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 46(4), 986-999, 2016.  (IF=  8.803). Article Download.

  Zhiang Wu, Guangliang Gao,
Zhan Bu*, Jie Cao.
  SIMPLE: a simplifying-ensembling framework for parallel community detection from large networks.
  Cluster Computing, 19(1), 211-221, 2016.  (IF=  1.601). Article Download.

  Youquan Wang, Zhiang Wu,
Zhan Bu, Jie Cao, Dun Yang.
  Discovering shilling groups in a real e-commerce platform.
  Online Information Review, 40(1), 62-78, 2016.  (IF=  1.675). Article Download.

Zhan Bu*, Chengcui Zhang, Zhengyou Xia, Jiandong Wang.
  An FAR-SW based approach for webpage information extraction.
  Information Systems Frontiers, 16(5), 771-785, 2014.  (IF=  3.232). Article Download.

  Xia Zhang, Zhengyou Xia,
Zhan Bu.
  Popularity evaluation model for microbloggers online social network.
  Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society, 2014.  (IF=  0.757). Article Download.

Zhan Bu*, Chengcui Zhang, Zhengyou Xia, Jiandong Wang.
  A fast parallel modularity optimization algorithm (FPMQA) for community detection in online social network.
  Knowledge-Based Systems, 50, 246-259, 2013.  (IF=  4.396). Article Download.

Zhan Bu*, Zhengyou Xia, Jiandong Wang, Chengcui Zhang.
  A last updating evolution model for online social networks.
  Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, 392(9), 2240-2247, 2013.  (IF=  2.132). Article Download.

Zhan Bu*, Zhengyou Xia, Jiandong Wang.
  A sock puppet detection algorithm on virtual spaces.
  Knowledge-Based Systems, 37, 366-377, 2013.  (IF=  4.396). Article Download.

  Zhengyou Xia,
Zhan Bu.
  Community detection based on a semantic network.
  Knowledge-Based Systems, 26, 30-39, 2012.  (IF=  4.396). Article Download.

Paper Under Review:

  Zhan Bu, Hui-Jia Li, Chengcui Zhang, Jie Cao*, Aihua Li, and Yong Shi.
Graph K-means on Opinion Graphs
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, TKDE-2017-11-0984, Tool Download.

  Hui-Jia Li ,
Zhan Bu, Zhen Wang , Yong Shi.
Fast graph clustering based on belief dynamics 
  IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics,

Zhan Bu, Liu Liu, Jie Cao*.
  Link Prediction in Temporal Networks: Integrating Survival Analysis and Game Theory
Information Science, INS-D-2018-08-1341.

Authorized Patents:

  一种文本提取方法及装置.CN103810251 B, 2017

具有隐私保护的无中央机构的密文政策的属性基加密方法.CN104135495 B, 2017

一种“网络马甲”的检测方法.CN103778186 B, 2016

基于博弈理论的互联网虚拟空间用户可信度评价方法.CN102779126 B, 2015

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Data Structures and Algorithms
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Complex Network Theory and Application

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